‘My existence is possible, but it is not proven...’

What if a terrible thing were to happen as a result of us being here together, and you are a witness… What does that mean? Does that mean you also exist in this hypothetical situation... or is the situation no longer hypothetical?

You are joined on a park bench by a woman who is lost in the city. You are in a car heading both towards and away from the park.

In a meeting room a cyclical story, tied up like a knot with no ends, is conjured into existence by a collective effort.

KNOT is a trilogy, three linked experiences taking place in three different locations simultaneously.



Nigel Barrett, Basienka Blake, Brandon Burke, Sonya Cullingford, Walles Hamonde and Sonya Seva with Liinus & Vela Oliver

Creators: David Rosenberg & Glen Neath

Producer: Victoria Eyton for Darkfield

Production manager: Sara Codrington

Imagery: Alex Purcell

Transmissions on Darkfiled Radio:

TriBeCa Film Festival, 9-20 June 2021

UK/USA/Australia/New Zealand, from 25 June 2021

Summerhall online live @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 6-29 August 2021

Venice Film Festival, 1-19 September  2021

POP Festival, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, 2-11 October 2021

Frequency Festival, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, 20-31 October 2021

Darkfield Radio, 16 October to December 2022

Darkfield Radio from 21 July 2023

“An extraordinary audio experience and the maturation of a new form of storytelling” - Fergus Morgan, The Stage ★★★★★