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You have been chosen and we tank you for your sacrifice. In return we offer you the opportunity for eternal life - but there are conditions. You could , of course, wait to see what the future might bring. You could your chances on a cure for mortality. The cure is coming - but is it coming fast enough for you.


“I want you to believe... to believe in things that you cannot” - Bram Stoker

ETERNAL is a 20-minute immersive audio experience for one person, alone, in the dark, in their bed. It explores the quandary of eternal life and wonders what price you would settle for to achieve it. 

Cast: Lloyd Hutchinson

Creators: David Rosenberg & Glen Neath

Producer: Victoria Eyton for Darkfield

Production manager: Sara Codrington

Darkfield Radio App powered by Wiretapper

Imagery: Alex Purcell


Bram Stoker Festival, October 30 - November 2

Darkfield Radio, from December 1

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